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Public Safety Telecommunicator

This program is in the planning stages. We will begin registration for the first class once all approvals are secured.
To receive updates regarding registration, please complete the form below.


Course Description:
The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment as a dispatcher:  police, fire, ambulance (SOC 43-5031).  The content includes, but is not limited to, ethics and the role of the telecommunicator; standard telecommunication operating procedures; relationship to field personnel; understanding of command levels; typical layouts of message centers; use of performance aids; overview of emergency agencies; functions and terminology; use of correct words and grammar; communications equipment, functions and terminology; types of telecommunication equipment; malfunctions and maintenance agreements; proper and correct telephone and dispatching procedures and techniques; cooperation and reciprocal agreements with other agencies; federal, state, and local communication rules; emergency situations and operating procedures; emergency medical dispatch procedures; employability skills; leadership and human relations skills; and health.

Students will take coursework to prepare them to take Florida 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator exam.  Specific guidelines, information, and applications can be found at:

Program Specifics:
Length – 232 clock hours
Approximate Cost - $800
Classes held – TBA (evenings, plus varying observational/clinical hours)

Qualifications to enter program:
18 years old
Standard HS Diploma or GED
Passing background and drug screening tests
No felony convictions